Devarim Shabbos Stash

For a fun and colorful set of “books,” use fruit leather and crackers. You can use Graham Crackers from the Shabbos Stash, or whatever you think will taste best with the fruit leather. I used orange flavored crackers for the snack shown.

Ingredients for each Snack:

  • 10 crackers
  • 5 pieces of fruit leather, at least 2cm / ¾inch wide by 2 ½ inches long (the stickier the better)


  • For each book, lay a strip of fruit leather, stickier side up, on your work surface.
  • Take two crackers, stacked, and place in the middle.
  • Open them so that the space is left between them.
  • Fold the overhang over the books.
  • Fold back together.

Done!  Eat accompanied by milk (or soy milk), or fill with nut butter or cream cheese.

BereashitSnake (Nature’s Nosh) _____ (Shabbos Stash) Noah Lech Lecha Va’Eira …etc.  Name of Parsha in English Transliteration and full citationName of Parsha in Hebrew and full citation
Title of Specific Nosh and Specific Citation, in English
Photo of Finished Snack
Quote in English from which snack is taken.Quote in Hebrew from which snack is taken
InstructionsPhotos, step by step

[1] List of Parshas, in order (defaulting to choice of current parsha showing).  Clicking on a parsha should allow you to open any of the options/snacks I put on the web site.  This example shows Bereaishit in blue just to indicate that user has chosen it; it is not an indication of my choice of colors.

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