Mikeitz / Shabbos Stash

Mikeitz Genesis / Bereishit 41:1-44:17

Sleeping Pharoh (Genesis / Bereishit 41:1)

א  וַיְהִי… וּפַרְעֹה חֹלֵם, ….1 And … Pharaoh dreamed….

Shabbos Stash:


  • Gingerbread man
  • Yellow fruit leather
  • Blue fruit leather or sour straws
  • Black licorice, black jelly bean, or mini chocolate chips to make eyes
  • Red fruit leather or red jellybean to make mouth
  • Large marshmallow
  • 2 graham crackers (optional:  only if making bed)
  • Powdered sugar


  • Scissors
  • Small bowl to make sugar glue

To Prepare:

  1. If making a bed, cut or snap one of the graham crackers in half, and cut or snap one of those halves in half (to make ¼ of a graham cracker)
  2. Cut blue fruit leather or sour straws into thin strips
  3. If using black licorice, cut two tiny pieces to make eyes.
  4. Cut a tiny piece of red fruit leather or jelly bean to make a mouth.
  5. Cut a large marshmallow into slices about ¼” thick to make a pillow
  6. Mix water into powdered sugar to make a thick glue.

To Assemble:

  1. If making a bed, use thick sugar glue to put bed together.  Best to make it on its side, prop it up, and then let it dry.  Alternatively, use only one graham cracker as a bed directly on the plate.
  2. Wrap yellow fruit leather around gingerbread man’s head to form headdress, as shown.  Press in blue strips.
  3. Attach eyes by pressing stick sides of jelly beans or using sugar glue to attach.
  4. Add mouth by pressing in sticky side of jelly bean strips or red fruit leather.
  5. Paint skirt onto Pharoh using thick sugar glue.
  6. Place pillow onto bed (or plate).
  7. Put Pharoh comfortably on pillow.

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