This snack

When On the week of Parashat Vayeyshev, I had an idea:  maybe the snack could be PART of the torah lesson?  I purchased some apples, some grapes, and some toothpicks sliced the various apples, and put them all in front of the children.  Voila’!  The Parsha Nosh was born!

I later recreated this first “masterpiece;” here it is:

I was surprised how much the children loved this!  They got to be active, crafty and eat tasty food!  Even better, I found that they REMEMBERED what they had learned!

The catalogue of ideas grew.  Eventually I had two sets of snack ideas:  one, like the first, which consisted of healthy, tasty, whole foods, and one consisting of shelf-stable food that was always at the ready.

My children are now grown, but with their encouragement I am sharing these ideas, which I never would have had had it not been for them.